Lao Pride Inc.’s experience in designing and manufacturing fine diamond jewelry for the global market spans over 20 years.

With advanced technology, innovation, attention to detail, and mastery of jewelry-making enable us to create the finest diamond jewelry for customers worldwide.

We are a socially and environmentally responsible company. Our work force is comprised of diverse individuals from different backgrounds including ethnic minorities, youth with limited opportunities for education, and people with disabilities.

As a country, Laos has little recognition for products exported around the world. Through our high-quality products, we put Laos on the global stage. Our mission is to combine traditional skills with the best technology to create unique products and provide excellent service for our customers. We aim to provide a workplace that inspires, empowers, and supports the Lao people, especially the disabled and disadvantaged, to improve their quality of life and guide them to success in all their endeavors.

Meet the Team​

Ms Mina

Daraphong Gnoutitham

Chief Executive Officer

Vanh Douangpaseuth

Chief of Finance Officer

ScreenHunter_5306 Nov. 17 15.28 1

Sounthone Thammavong

Strategic Advisor

Adam Ving Tran

R&D and PDP Director

Chuluun Chinbaatar

Chief of Operations Officer

Cuong Nguyen Tien

CAD-CAM Manager

Lao Pride Inc. has the facilities to complete all processes in-house, which means our dedicated craftsmen and artists do everything from concept to final product, including hand sketch design, CAD, casting, mounting, setting, final polishing, laser inscription, actual product photography and product computer rendering.

Phonenilanh Billamay

HR & Admin Manager

Kingsada Phoummalavong

Design Manager

Sayra Bree Tamog-ong

Sales & CSOM Manager

Chansamone Savattry

PMD Manager

Aling Phanthavong

Product Dev. Manager

Douangpy Xayabuly

Picker Supervisor

Lao Pride Inc. employs more than 150 people in 12 departments. Each team member is a specialist in their own field. Together as a team, we make sure you are investing in the right place for obtaining the best outcome. Our team has helped translate the company’s goals into substantial accomplishments over the years.

Bounning Vonghachak

Production Planning Manager

Chantikoun Vongxay

BC & Setting Manager

Sisavanh Douangthammavong

Wax & Casting Manager

Chanxay Navong

Polishing Manager

Keota Kitavarsda

Mounting Manager

Laphanly Phanthavong

Shipping Officer

Every member of Lao Pride Inc strongly believes in the vision and core values of the company. We are committed in giving you competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and responsible after-sales service.

Why Laos?

Yesterday, we made lamps from cluster bombs. Today, we make cluster diamond rings!

Click on the image for more information about the effects of UXOs in Laos and what’s being done about it.

From 1964 to 1973, an estimated 270 million “bombies” – 
sub-munitions from cluster bombs – were dropped over Laos, making Laos the most bombed country per capital in the world.Unfortunately, up to 30% of the bombs that were dropped failed to detonate, and people continue to be maimed or killed by these unexploded ordinances (UXOs) every year.Despite the long-term devastation and challenges caused by these bombs, Laos is a place where you’re sure to experience excellent hospitality from the kind-hearted, easygoing natives. The natural beauty of the country blends well with the pleasantness of the people.

Laos is an ideal location for our company to produce high quality products at affordable prices while having a positive social impact.​

Lao Pride Inc disabled staff

Favorable government regulations enable us to operate efficiently. Low labor costs help keep our prices lower for our clients, while at the same we are able to provide wages and skills that empower our staff to improve their quality of life.

Our social program focuses on developing and maximizing human development potential in Lao P.D.R. We hire disadvantaged youth from ethnic minorities, rural migrants, and people with disabilities. We train them on personal effectiveness and life mastery skills as well as equipping them with skills in manufacturing fine diamond jewelry.

Employment at Lao Pride Inc. is not only aimed at providing employees with a salary to meet their financial needs but also on-going skill development and support to help them reach their goals. 

Laos isn’t often recognized on the global stage, yet we consistently impress our international customers with our quality and service, demonstrating excellence can come from humble beginnings.

We are proud to create products that are praised internationally for their high craftsmanship and quality. Contact us today to find out how we can provide you with beautiful jewelry.