Corporate Social Responsibility


At Lao Pride, we believe in making a positive impact on our clients, our own people, and the community through our four key pillars.

One Game, One Team, One Win

On March 05, 2022, the excitement of the LaoPride Sports Day was incredible. Everyone had fun and rejoiced at the Thanongath Sports Center. The look of pride and determination of each and every participant was visible as they put in their all for the gold!

See Better, Live Better

On March 02, 2022, Lao Pride Inc held its Eye Care Campaign called “See Better, Live Better”. This campaign was conducted by Taiffa to provide free eye consultation at Lao Pride Building.


Annual General Meeting

Lao Pride Inc held its annual general meeting to communicate the goals and strategies that will guide the team to continually improve and develop new products, aiming to remain excellent in our use of advanced technology to create stunning designs for our global customers. It is also a time to recognize and celebrate employees for their dedication and performance.


Workplace Equity

We maintain that socio-economic circumstances, physical limitations, race, skin color, religion, and various disadvantageous circumstances should not be a hindrance in work advancement or to the acquisition of a decent and worthwhile employment.

Youth Empowerment

We believe that enabling the youth can curb the rate of ignorance and poverty.  Providing the youth with essential skills will lead to a competent and capable populace prepared to aid the nation in its socio-economic development.

Poverty Alleviation

Lao Pride is fully committed to efforts in reducing poverty through the setting up of work opportunities for interested individuals despite their limitations.


Community Commitment

Lao Pride Inc. encourages its people to support wholesome community and government activities to foster trust and care for the betterment of the Lao people and nation as a whole.