Choosing the Right Diamond for Your Personality

For ages, precious stones have been a symbol of prosperity and abundance, with diamonds having become the most precious and topping the list. Not only are precious stones known for their monetary value but also for their astrological significance for the individual wearing them. It has been the subject of debate since long ago – whether precious stones do have any effect on human lives.

Did you know that astrological zodiac signs have their own unique personality traits associated with a person born within that zodiac period? Read the following for a brief of each zodiac and the natural diamond jewelry best suited for them.


Known as the doers rather than the dreamers, your signature streak of confidence means that you don’t follow trends—you set your own. You know the value of a single, impactful piece as opposed to the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach, and your personality finds the support that it craves from standout diamond silhouettes.


Taureans are often known as adamant thinkers, but this just means that you know what you want. Your oscillating personality means that your choices veer across both ends of the spectrum—a minimalist pair of stud earrings one day, and a statement-making natural diamond motif the next.


Spontaneous and unpredictable, your love for adventure translates into a discerning eye for the unexpected. Fuel the fantasy with unconventional silhouettes and standout designs that will ensure your jewelry box is never not fun.



Connoisseurs of classics, Cancerians are known as discerning dressers who value a hint of elegance in all that they do. Stepping away from the carousel of temporary trends and fads, you value real diamonds and timeless silhouettes—like the classic tennis bracelet that offers immense wear-forever appeal.


Minimalists will want to proceed with caution beyond this point. As a Leo, your loud-and-proud personality is best expressed through statement baubles that serve as an instant conversation starter at cocktail hour. Leave the understated diamanté at home and make heads turn your way in a diamond drop earrings instead.



Methodical and meticulous in equal measure, you’ll likely find a Virgo holding up the queue at the checkout counter while they inspect their choices from every angle. Not one for impulse purchases, you like to make a modest statement with pieces that you know you’ll value forever. Minimalistic pieces of natural diamond jewelry usually hold sway over your jewelry box and your heart.


Staying one step ahead of the pack is your natural habitat, and your eloquent sartorial sense is underscored by an articulate understanding of what looks good on you. Always one for making a good first impression, creative diamond jewelry trends—like a stackable set of rings—will get you noticed from a mile away.



Passionate and edgy, you are usually enveloped by a crowd of avid listeners at parties—people can’t help but gravitate towards your magnetic charm. Your need for attention is best serviced by all-eyes-on-me silhouettes, such as a statement natural diamond neckpiece that clocks in maximum impact.



Your adventurous spirit means that you are open to change, and you command a similar spontaneity of your jewelry box as well. You’ll want to make good use of the detachable jewelry trend with pieces that can be dressed up or down depending on your mood in the morning.


You’ve been blessed with an appreciation for the finer things in life, and you leverage this knowledge in the pursuit of investment pieces that tie in well with your pragmatic mindset. On your next shopping trip, look for a classic band that clocks in the 4 Cs of diamonds for the modern sophisticate.


No blend-in-the-crowd designs to see here. Your free-spirited soul wasn’t made for monotony, and your prized baubles sure weren’t meant for the insides of a vault—they are meant to be worn, valued and made memories with. Indulge your non-conformist style with a pair of shining diamond earrings, and watch the compliments roll in.



An eternal dreamer, you see the world through rose-tinted sunnies and your imaginative spirit calls for whimsical, ephemeral pieces. The dainty romanticism of feminine florals speaks to your soul, so skip the minimalist diamond studs in favor of cascading diamond floral neckpiece that will help you shine like the star you are.

If you never skip reading your horoscope, bookmark this diamond guide that invites you to play to your cosmic strengths for finding your next natural diamond buy.

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