Latest Fine Jewelry Trends 2021: What To Seek This Year

After the bumpy ride that was 2020, jewelry shopper choices have changed to the classic design pieces that are a timeless charm. The fine jewelry trends of 2021 are ornaments that put diamonds all over again and are particularly popular. Why? Because diamonds are forever and eternally stylish. They have proven to be an enduring trend and continue to be presents and gifts that are ever charming!

We can say with utmost faith that the year 2021 will be the year of diamonds, specifically the earth created ones, and not the lab grown diamonds which are chemically and optically identical to traditionally mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are man-made versions of natural diamonds and thus have a value that is subject to question.

For those who wonder how lab-created diamonds are made, here is a brief description: scientists create these diamonds by first placing a tiny carbon “seed” in a specialized diamond-growing chamber. These chambers simulate the intense pressure and high heat conditions that facilitate diamond growth. As the heat and pressure do their work, carbon vapor is gradually applied at a microscopic level layer by layer onto the slowly growing diamond seed. After a few months, the lab grown diamond is ready to be cut and polished! Thus, the diamond creation process, which normally occurs on a geologic time scale and contributes to the preciousness of diamonds, is sped up to take only a few months. This is how lab-grown diamonds are made, which shows why they are cheaper and unstable in prices when compared to naturally mined diamonds.

Growing a diamond in a lab uses a small fraction of the time used for mining an earth created diamond, which is why its value is inferior to naturally mined diamonds. Considering that they are lab-created, perhaps they are still not as cheap as expected. The prices are only down by a 30% margin relative to the naturally mined diamonds.

Now, here are the trends of 2021 to look for:

1. Rings

This just in: rings featuring small, glittering diamonds are trending in 2021. Diamond rings don’t always have to come in the form of wedding or engagement rings. Diamonds’ sparkle makes them perfectly wearable additions to a normal weekday outfit. Plus, they can be worn however you’d like: the diamond rings below are subtle enough to add to a ring stack, yet strong enough to be worn alone for a more minimalist look. They also make the perfect gift if you’re looking for something special, but not too extravagant.

Minimalist Stacking Ring
Straight Baguette Cluster Ring
Two-Stone Bezel Set Ring

2. Pendant Necklaces

One of the biggest fine jewelry trends of 2021 includes necklaces that showcase an eye-catching design of diamond-studded pendants. What better than a pendant necklace to show off singular or multiple diamonds? You can even suit it according to your personal style with a custom setting. Beautiful and simple, diamond pendants look stunning around absolutely any neck. This means that they’re a gift that always succeeds. Plus, these diamond necklaces:

  • Suit most necklines – wear them with anything

  • Are lightweight and easy to wear throughout the day

  • Make for excellent layering pieces

Diamond Studded Crescent Moon Pendant
Dainty Butterfly Pendant
Flower Accented Pendant

3.Bracelets and Bands

Maybe one diamond isn’t enough. Maybe what you really dream of is a wrist full of diamonds – dozens of them! Tennis bracelets can span the bling spectrum. While they’re definitely packed with enough shine to stand alone, they’re also wearable enough to add to your daily jewelry stack – layer various styles of diamond bracelets to suit your glitter level to the occasion. Mix and match various styles and metals of tennis bracelets for an extremely on-trend 2021 jewelry wardrobe. If you want to match celebrity style, a tennis bracelet is a constant presence on the red carpet! Stars like Halle Berry, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kate Winslet often make it a point to accessorize their gowns with a graceful line of diamonds on their wrists.

Round Prong Set Tennis Bracelet
Round Diamond in Princess Frame Tennis Bracelet
Surface Prong Set Tennis Bracelet

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