Are Rings for Men Still in Fashion?

Spoiler alert – absolutely! Many male celebrities, business tycoons, and youth fashion icons wear rings regularly, and there is no doubt that rings for men will remain in the fashion world for as long as they have fingers!


Men can wear rings any way they like. They can wear a single thumb ring or place multiple rings on each finger. The right number of rings one chooses to wear depends on personal preferences, comfort level, and style. Naturally, the types of rings selected can influence how one decides to wear them. The heavier and more ornate the ring, the more challenging it will be to pair with other rings. The more straightforward the ring, the less noticeable it’ll be. Wear this form of self-expression with pride and slide on as many rings as desired. Even if a majority of guys opt for one to three rings daily, a man should go with what works for him and his personal style.



This year, why not make a new, colorful, sparkling friend? Yes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but there are a variety of other vibrant and colorful gems waiting to befriend you! Honestly, most are at the point where we could use a little extra color in our lives to lift our spirits and brighten our moods. Go ahead, skip the colorless gems, and let ruby, sapphire, emerald or any other gem you like work their magic on you!



As with clothes, fit matters. Tiny rings on pianist fingers can feel out of place, much as skinny jeans can look indecent on bodybuilder thighs. The scale of jewelry is important to bear in mind. Avoid wearing rings that are the wrong size for your body shape. A big ring can look good on a guy with large hands but out of place on small-fingered hands.



Traditionally, clashing metals signified a lack of care – all your jewelry should be either gold, or white gold, but never both. However, in a world where you can wear joggers with a blazer, pairing a steel watch with a gold ring isn’t the faux pas it once was, though it’s still best when you make it look deliberate. When done well, it can add a more stylized aesthetic to the overall look. It’s particularly effective when you mix your metals in a single piece. 



Rappers can rock the “bling” look because they don’t have to wear suits to work. If you do, then a giant, statement ring isn’t suitable. Find something more subtle and leave the massive stones for the weekend. If you want to make rings a signature, opt for a simpler expression of personality. Choose something that’s timeless, but nothing overly designed or intricate. Rings tend to be an accessory that people prefer to put on and never take off, so for this reason it’s advisable to go with something more understated.

Fashion ring


Any style statement looks best when you own it. When a man wears jewelry he doesn’t feel comfortable in, it shows. Rings can feel odd at first, a physical weight that makes you more self-conscious. Try before buying and only choose an item you feel confident in. Starting out with something that’s smaller and more inconspicuous could be a great way to ease into wearing a ring. Rings at two millimeters is recommended, which is the same as many wedding bands.




Though common today, until the Second World War, only wives wore wedding rings as a sign proving her kids were legitimate and that she had a man to look after her. During the war, rings were forged for men from non-precious metals as a reminder of who soldiers overseas were fighting for. Still, they didn’t catch on as jewelry until the 1960s. This shift was fueled half by the rise of European style – Italian men have never been as shy about jewelry – but also second-wave feminism, which tried to put both partners in a marriage on an equal footing. A wedding ring tends to be a clean, simple band. It’s an expression of commitment. Designs tend to be inward- rather than outward-facing: an engraving against the skin is more personal than a giant jewel. 

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Men’s power ring, the signet, was first worn by the Ancient Egyptians, who used them to stamp official documents. In Britain, they were engraved with a back-to-front family crest; when sealing a letter with wax, it would be stamped with their signet to prove it actually came from them. They were traditionally family heirlooms and signified plush roots – one needed to have a coat of arms to engrave on a signet. By the 19th century, new money types could buy their own designs, and the signet lost some of its initial meaning. These days, they’re still handed down within families but also come with a variety of designs. For example, Gianni Versace wore one bearing his label’s Medusa head. They’ve usually got a flat face, to accommodate engraving, and to be chunkier and more eye-catching than a wedding band.


There are other rings that men wear for tradition and not aesthetics, but they’re rare. Therefore, almost everything else is lumped in as ‘fashion’ – a ring worn simply for the look and not for following a tradition. These can range from designer bling to something with a story obtained from a secondhand sale. It’s an expression of character. They can be worn on any finger, alone, or in multiples, which gives more leeway for esoteric choices. When choosing, ask yourself whether it’s for a lifetime or for a moment. The answer, as with most items you wear, will inform how much to invest. Follow this advice for tips on style, but also go with your gut feeling. If you instinctively like it, you’ll wear it well.

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