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Are you completely overwhelmed by the seemingly endless options of jewelry settings? Do you know the difference between Fishtail, French Pave and Pave? If not, the following will give you a better understanding of settings so you can choose the right design to match your desire.


French for street-paving, pavé refers to the effect of “paving” a jewelry surface with small diamonds. This is done by drilling holes directly into the metal and fitting and laying diamonds into those holes like cobblestones. This style is probably the most common way of setting side stones. Pave, (pronounced Pah-Vey) basically means paved with diamonds.

By setting small diamonds closely together with minimal metal being shown, it creates the effect of continuous sparkle! The side view of the classic open pave looks like the letter “U.”



French pave is a unique style of pave that it creates an interesting textured appearance with the metal. With French pave, the diamonds are set into little V-shaped grooves cut into the band of the ring. This method is very similar to the classic open pave, though the side view shows little X’s in between each stone.



Micro pave settings are made using extremely small diamonds, with each stone typically smaller than .01 of a carat. These diamonds are so incredibly small, that when set into the band, it looks as though the entire band is made of diamonds. Settings made of micro pave would normally feature several rows of diamonds to cover the entire band.

Micro pave is one of the most delicate and beautiful of the pave varieties, with stunning sparkle and detail. However, on the flip side, these settings can be rather costly because of all the work required to create them.


Shared prong is exactly how it sounds. Prongs hold the stones in place and each diamond “shares” the prongs with the diamond next to it. Shared prong settings feature diamonds along the shank of the ring held together by metal prongs. Adjacent diamonds share two thin prongs to minimize the amount of metal on the band. Even though the setting hides the metal as much as possible, the design better secures the diamonds than other types of settings.

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