All You Need To Know About The Difference Between Real Diamonds And Simulant Diamonds

Simulated diamonds are a mainstream option in contrast to genuine diamonds, yet numerous individuals don’t know precisely how they vary and how to differentiate them. Let’s take a look at what a diamond simulant truly is and how you can distinguish it from a genuine diamond.

What Is a Diamond Simulant?

Diamond simulants, or simulated diamonds, are stones that appear as genuine diamonds; however, they have distinctive chemical and actual properties. Simulated diamonds are a option in contrast to genuine diamonds. Simulants are, basically, counterfeit diamonds.

They ought not be mistaken for engineered diamonds, which are indistinguishable from regular diamonds even though they come from fabricated materials made in a lab.

Signs That a Stone Is a Simulated Diamond

It looks excessively spotless.

Indeed, even the most perfect diamonds have some inner blemishes. A portion of these imperfections are not apparent with the unaided eye, and you may need to utilize a loupe or magnifying instrument to see them. Still, no characteristic diamond is without defects. Diamond simulants, on the other hand, are frequently extremely perfect while much less expensive than genuine high clearness diamonds.

It holds heat.

A genuine diamond disseminates heat rapidly. Accordingly, on the off chance that you exhale on it, a genuine diamond won’t stay hazy. In the event that a stone holds some dampness as mist on its surface after you do this breath test, at that point you undoubtably have a diamond simulant.

It scratches without any problem.

Diamond is a hard substance, and in spite of the fact that it tends to be chipped whenever hit truly hard, it is difficult to scratch it. Simulated diamonds, conversely, are never as hard as the genuine article, and they can be scratched generally effortlessly, particularly if the simulant is made of a gentler substance. If it doesn’t require much exertion to scratch a stone, or assuming it already has a great deal of scratches, it is likely a simulant.

Its radiance is excessively vivid.

Genuine diamonds shimmer, but some simulants shimmer overabundantly. There are reproduced diamonds that radiate all hues of the rainbow. One such model is cubic zirconia, which when put close to a genuine diamond shows substantially more brilliant glimmers of light.

The stone is colorless, yet its cost is low.

Genuine colorless diamonds are exceptionally uncommon and subsequently very costly. In the event that a stone is white, without a trace of yellow, and on the off chance that it is moderately priced, particularly assuming it is additionally perfect and huge, it is more likely than not a diamond simulant.

It is modest.

Simulants are less expensive than genuine diamonds, and despite the fact that diamond costs rely upon an assortment of value qualities, you are not likely to find a decent, well cut diamond around one carat for less than a few thousand dollars.

On the off chance that a stone is unusually enormous and clean, looks perfect to the unaided eye, and its cost is in the hundreds, it is likely a phony.

Regular Diamond Simulants

Here are a portion of the more well-known diamond substitutes: cubic zirconia, zircon, moissanite, engineered garnet (you can see it abridged as YAG and GGG, which are various varieties of lab-developed garnet), spinel, rutile, white sapphire.

Brand names, for example, DiamondAura or Diamonique can likewise demonstrate that the stone is a simulant (unless they show a manufactured diamond that has a similar substance structure as genuine diamond).

Thus, on the off chance that you see or hear any of these names referenced by a gems merchant, you should realize that you are managing a diamond simulant.

Real Diamonds

Though simulant diamonds may fool the untrained eye, they cannot match the value of the mesmerizing wonders birthed naturally by the earth through extremely long periods of pressure and discovered through laborious searching.

At Lao Pride Inc, we recognize the pricelessness of these precious stones and use only naturally and ethically sourced diamonds that follow the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme. From there, our skilled artisans meticulously design and fashion pieces to the requirement of jewelry designers, artists, and various international brands. Contact us today to find out how we can enhance the beauty of diamonds in beautifully crafted jewelry that will “wow” your customers.

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