Diamonds Are Not Only Colorless: Colors Of Natural Diamonds

Did you know that natural diamonds are not all colorless? Everyone is familiar with white or colorless diamonds, which are the types usually used in engagement rings. While it is common knowledge that white diamonds are among the world’s rarest and most beautiful stones, not many people are familiar with an even more valuable and aesthetically pleasing type of diamond – extremely rare, naturally colored diamonds. Diamonds occur in different colors. When viewed in the face-up position, colored diamonds have an outstanding body color. The most common colors for natural-colored diamonds are yellow and brown, while green, pink, and blue are among the rarest colors.

The formation process of colored diamonds is largely similar to that of white diamonds: all diamonds are composed of carbon atoms that are transformed by extremely high temperatures (around 1300° to 2000° C) and tremendous pressure (70 ton/cm²) into a crystalline structure.

These transformations occurred in the Earth’s mantle 150 kilometers below the surface as a result of geological processes that lasted millions of years between 550 million to 4 billion years ago. As they are composed of the same element and transformed by the same process, colored and colorless diamonds have the same material properties, scoring 10 on a Mohs scale, which makes them the hardest natural material on earth.

Despite being composed of the same element, being acted upon by the same physical processes, and having been formed in the same time span and geological region, there is one small but key difference between the creation of colored and colorless diamonds. This singular difference involves a chemical interaction with foreign particulates that integrate into the diamond’s carbon structure during the crystallization process.

Yellow colored diamonds, for instance, occur due to the presence of nitrogen in the environment they develop.

Blue colored diamonds, on the other hand, have boron which gives them the blue color properties.

Pink is a result of uncommonly high temperatures or pressures, also in the presence of nitrogen.

Green diamonds are due to radiation activity in its developmental environment.

Black and brown diamonds result from a higher than usual concentration of inclusions of carbon, the native element.

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