Difference Between Eternity and Infinity Rings

Eternity rings and infinity rings sound similar, but the two are different in their design. Their intent is identical; that is, to profess everlasting love. One of them is an option for your engagement ring while the other is an extra ring which carries additional emotions along with it, you might say.

What are eternity rings?

The eternity ring has diamonds all the way around the band, which symbolizes never-ending love and commitment. It’s sometimes given in addition to an engagement and wedding ring, usually years into a relationship or marriage, or to commemorate an important anniversary. An eternity ring is crafted with precious metal and features an endless circle of sparkling diamonds or vibrant colored gemstones. It beautifully represents the never-ending love you share with your partner. The modern-day eternity band draws inspiration from rings donned by ancient Egyptians. Back in those days, the Egyptians presented eternity rings as a token of lifelong devotion. These rings depicted the ouroboros, a 4000-year archaic illustration of a snake devouring its own tail. The Egyptians considered this never-ending circle as a token of both eternal life and love. The present-day eternity rings are designed to carry forward this age-old depiction of unending love. Tradition dictates that an eternity ring should be worn closest to the heart, i.e. the third finger of your left hand.

What are Infinity Rings?

An infinity ring incorporates the infinity symbol or the figure 8 in its design. Similar to eternity rings, infinity rings also symbolize love that goes on forever. Introduced in the 17th century by mathematician John Wallis, the symbol of infinity represents the theory of limitlessness. The symbol features two circles of the figure 8 coming together to represent endless love and devotion between a couple. The infinity sign can appear just about anywhere on the ring – it could be right at the center, on the band, or the gallery. Diamonds can help form these designs and are traditionally seen featured on infinity rings as a sign of devotion. Infinity rings can hold the same sentimental value as eternity rings.

Eternity vs. Infinity Rings

The sparkle of eternity rings is breath-taking since they are decked with stones all over. Also, they look the same whichever way they spin. With regards to an infinity ring, its unique symbol always sets it apart from other rings. However, eternity rings may be more expensive than infinity rings due to the greater number of diamonds present on eternity rings. Both eternity and infinity rings make gorgeous wedding bands and are also suitable to be gifted on special occasions such as an anniversary. You can either go with an eternity or infinity ring based on your style preferences and budget.

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