Different Types of Metals Used for Fine Jewelry

When looking for a fine jewelry piece, there are a number of things to consider. One of those is the type of metal you want the piece to be made from. An experienced jeweler will be able to help you fit your diamonds to your setting as well as provide you with the necessary information about the various metals that make up most pieces of fine jewelry. Here we define most of them for your convenience.



Gold is the most common metal used for fine jewelry. Along with being among the most popular, gold has also been used for many years. The use of gold dates back to the ancient Egyptians and others who often used gold to adorn themselves and their artifacts. Gold is most commonly seen in yellow and white colors. However, there are other options, such as pink, rose, and green. Gold is shiny and bright in any color. It can be easily polished and has a warm hue that is classic and timeless. The main advantage for gold is its classic beauty. While its main disadvantage is the softness of it, especially in its purest form, white gold is still more sturdy than platinum. This is something to consider when choosing which metal is best for you.



Palladium is a good alternative to platinum and is one of the alloys most commonly used in the creation of white gold. The metal has been used in jewelry making since 1939. It was originally discovered in 1803. Palladium is less expensive than platinum but has a very similar look and feel. Since it can be worked and beaten very thin, it can also be used for making white gold leaf. Many people cannot tell the difference between palladium and platinum. The metal is very shiny and easily polished, with a warm, silvery color. Making palladium jewelry has become much easier, thanks to a refined casting process. While palladium is less expensive than platinum, it is more expensive than gold/white gold.



Platinum has become a high-end standard in fine jewelry, especially for people who are looking for something other than gold and also want durability. Platinum was used for jewelry until it was taken off the market during the war effort. After the war, when the supply of platinum recovered, it was once again used for jewelry. Most of the jewels in the British Crown are made of platinum. It comes from underground mines, that are mostly seen in Russia and South Africa. Platinum is silvery-white and has a soft hue. Some people think it looks like silver, and others find it to be not as warm as gold. The main advantage to platinum is its durability, while a common disadvantage is its cost.



Like gold, silver has a timeless quality that goes with everything. As such, it is used in all types of jewelry. Also like gold, silver has been used since ancient times to adorn people and items. At one point it was considered to be more valuable than gold. In ancient times, silver was considered to be the metal tied to the moon, because it was luminous and cool. It is mined in places like Canada, Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, and Poland. Silver is generally bright white, but some of it has a more grayish appearance. While typically shiny, silver also comes in a matte finish. One of the main advantages of silver is its classic, timeless quality and neutral hue, while a common disadvantage is its softness, which silver can also tarnish.



Tungsten has a brilliant shine and is four times harder than titanium. The metal was originally used in light bulb filaments in 1904, eventually making its way into other things, including jewelry. Tungsten is hypoallergenic and considered a pure element. Providing a hard, brilliant shine, tungsten is a great choice for jewelry. The main advantages of tungsten are its shine and hardness, while a disadvantage is the fact that tungsten rings cannot be sized.



The lightweight nature of titanium makes it a great choice for men’s wedding bands. Titanium has become a popular jewelry choice, although it was originally used in the industrial sector. Titanium is mined in Australia, China, Norway, South Africa, and other countries, and it is generally silver, grey, or black, with either a satin or polished finish. The main advantages to titanium are how lightweight and strong it is, while a disadvantage is its inability to be sized when made into a ring.


Every metal has advantages and disadvantages. The key is to weigh all those factors when making your decision. With knowledge about these most commonly used metals for fine jewelry, you can choose the metal right for you and get the perfect piece.

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