How To Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Upgrading your engagement ring might seem like a strange proposition. After all, aren’t engagement rings supposed to be forever? Do you really you want to upgrade an item that’s linked to such a cherished memory? It’s a difficult question to answer, of course, but there are many reasons why one may wish to get a different ring.

How do you upgrade the diamond while maintaining your engagement ring’s sentimental value? Also, how do you convey this desire to your partner? Before upgrading your engagement ring, think back on how much your love has grown as a couple over the past years of marriage. Isn’t it fitting that your ring should develop and change just as your relationship has? Whatever reason you have to upgrade your engagement ring, let these suggestions guide your different upgrade decision.

    Upgrade Your Solo Diamond to a 3-Stone Engagement Ring

If your engagement ring began as a single diamond ring, this is a natural extra step to take. Adding a few extra diamonds will give it new life with a little extra sparkle.

    Colorize Your Ring

Add a little extra color to your ring. There are numerous great ways to do this by adding extra stones to your ring. For example, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds all come in beautiful, vivid hues.

    Enhance a Diamond Solitaire

Lots of people enjoy the simplicity that single diamonds offer. Others want a little more sparkle. If you currently have a single diamond and are looking to upgrade, you might be interested in a diamond ring enhancer, which is a specially made ring designed to fit around the original ring and transform it into something almost entirely new.

    Change the Metal of Your Ring

Not all changes are about adding more sparkle. You might want to upgrade the material of your band for longevity purposes as well. One common choice is the decision to refresh the ring band from gold to platinum. Because gold naturally appears yellow, white gold is created by adding white metals to gold; over time, this plating wears down and white gold rings need to be replated to maintain their white hue. Platinum, however, is a white metal and does not need replating. Another benefit to platinum is its hypoallergenic properties. People with sensitive skin sometimes have allergic reactions to the other metals found in gold and find platinum much more pleasant to wear.

    Give Your Stone a New Setting

One way to give a traditional ring new life is to change the setting. By keeping the original stone, you’re still carrying on the family tradition, but you’re also giving the stone a second life in a modern ring. Changing the setting is an excellent way to keep family traditions alive.

    Upgrade to a New Stone

One of the easiest and simplest ways to upgrade your ring is to replace the stone altogether. Whatever your reason and whatever type of stone you’re switching to, this can be a great option. It allows you the freedom of having the ring almost entirely re-invented while still keeping the band and much of the setting. It’s an ideal compromise for when you want a new look but still have sentimental ties to your ring.

    Get an Entirely New Ring

Sometimes, no matter how many extra stones you add or how much you change the shape and size of a stone, it still isn’t enough. If no amount of change can turn your current engagement ring into your perfect ring, then the solution might be to trade it in for an entirely new one.

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