Most Influential Jewelry Designers of The World

We like to recognize the craftsmanship that goes into some of the exotic jewelry that finds its way into fine jewelry stores around the world. Here, we have listed who we believe to be the best jewelry designers of all time. Each of them possess the elegant and timeless style that is the unmistakable trademark of the world’s most highly regarded designers.


David and Sybil Yurman                                                                                                             David Yurman, founded by David and Sybil Yurman, is the youngest design house on our list. Their designs are known for their sculptural and architectural features. Their pieces are meant for everyday wear as well as for formal occasions. Their trademark design is the Cable motif, which is incorporated in some way into every David Yurman collection and features wrapped silver, platinum, or gold wire. David Yurman designs are popular with modern celebrities.



Harry Winston                                                                                                                              Harry Winston, founder of Harry Winston, Inc., was among the most noted jewelers in the world and well-known to the general public. He created his diamond empire by purchasing and refashioning the jewelry collection of a deceased railroad magnate into modern and fashionable designs. His work lives on today in numerous high-end shops all over the world. In the 1953 musical film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, the song “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” includes the spoken interjection “Talk to me, Harry Winston, tell me all about it!”

Charles Lewis Tiffany                                                                                                                Charles Lewis Tiffany was an American businessman and jeweller who founded New York City’s Tiffany & Co. in 1837. Known for his jewelry expertise, Tiffany created the country’s first retail catalog and introduced the English standard of sterling silver in imported jewelry in 1851. Later in the century, Tiffany established itself as an icon of Art Deco and Art Nouveau design with its famous solitaire engagement rings. The motif of these rings is still popular today, as is the brand’s signature lock and key design, an American classic featured in bracelets, pendants, earrings, and brooches.

Georges Piaget                                                                                                                           Piaget is a Swiss brand founded in 1874 by Georges Piaget. The brand first made its name through luxury watch designs that featured exquisite enamelwork and gemstones. This tradition continued into their lines of jewelry as well, as they are now known for Old Hollywood style and classic rose-inspired designs all over the world.

Mikimoto Kokichi                                                                                                                Mikimoto is the only pearl jewelry company on our list. It was established in the late 1800s by Mikimoto Kokichi, who is known for creating the world’s first cultured pearl. From its first store, which opened in Tokyo in 1899, Mikimoto has made its mark in most of the world’s major cities, including London, Paris, and Bombay. It is also the first Japan-based design house to earn international fame and recognition, even providing the official jewelry for the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants in the early 2000s. Although Mikimoto makes elaborate pieces that feature pearls, they are most renowned for their elegant and straightforward designs.

Thierry Hermès                                                                                                                       Hermès of Paris, founded by Thierry Hermes, began as a luxury goods firm before turning to jewelry design in the 1950s. However, their models are more diverse than others, as they produce luxury pieces in everything from leather to diamonds. Hèrmes has been the designer of choice for many icons. Today, they eschew mass production and continue to design and produce their jewelry in small workshops in France.



Christian Dior                                                                                                                       Christian Dior was a French fashion designer, best known as the founder of one of the world’s top fashion houses, also called Christian Dior, which is now owned by Groupe Arnault. Christian Dior began as a luxury goods company before turning to jewelry design in the 1950s. Dior jewelry is meant to complement their other luxury items, especially their fashion lines for women. The style of both the jewelry and the clothing is usually bold and glamourous and intended to make a statement.

Gabrielle Chanel                                                                                                                Legendary designer Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel founded this luxury fashion house of Chanel in the early 1900s. Her jewelry designs are the foundation for Chanel’s famous blend of masculine and feminine styles, with each piece meant to accompany the brand’s luxury and off-the-rack fashion collection. Some of Chanel’s most iconic designs are simple but elegant, such as long strand necklaces, gemstone brooches, and architectural diamond jewelry. Chanel jewelry has also been a popular red-carpet choice for actresses across eras.

Louis-François Cartier                                                                                                                  The famous brand cartier started as a design house founded by French jewelry designer Louis-François Cartier in 1847. By the mid-1900s, the house grew to become one of the world’s most sought-after jewelry designers, with locations fanning out all around the globe from its Parisian headquarters. Cartier is famous for classic designs that prominently feature gemstones and precious metals. In 1914, Cartier produced the first of what would become their icon, the Panthère brooch. The brooch is the shape of a prowling panther and covered in diamonds and gems. It quickly became the symbol of the Cartier design house, and new Panthère pieces are debuted every year.

Sotirios Bulgaris                                                                                                                       Bulgari the iconic Italian luxury brand was founded by Sotirios Bulgaris, a Greek jeweler who moved to Rome in 1881. Bulgaris’ love of his adopted country is evident today in the brand’s iconic Serpenti design, which is a collection of gem-encrusted watches and jewelry made to resemble a coiling snake. The brand is famous for luxurious items, from jewelry and watches to hotels and fragrances. In the 20th century, Bulgari became known for the exquisite architectural metalwork in their pieces, usually featuring gold links and heavy steel.

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