Treasure Hunter Finds Missing Centerpiece of Henry VIII’s Crown

The Tudor crown worn by King Henry VIII is one of the most notable pieces of lost treasure in British history. The 500-year-old solid gold centrepiece of Henry VIII’s lost crown was unearthed in a field in Northamptonshire England. Kevin Duckett, an amateur metal detectorist, ended a 500-year-old mystery when he dug up the solid gold figurine in a field in Northamptonshire.  

When Kevin Duckett spotted a glint of gold peeking out beneath the soil of an English field in 2017, he initially thought he’d found a crumpled piece of foil. But as the Northamptonshire native continued digging, he soon realized he’d stumbled onto something far more valuable.

About 2½ inch high and an inch-wide, one of five pieces on the Tudor crown, is now at the British Museum and could be worth over £2million. Kevin Duckett points out that the field where he found the figurine is near the site of the Battle of Naseby, a June 1645 clash that ended in soon-to-be deposed king Charles I’s devastating defeat at the hands of Cromwell’s forces. Currently near Market Harborough, he stated, “I’d been there about 20 minutes and found nothing. Then I got a very loud positive signal from my detector and started to dig down before spotting something. It was lodged in the side of a hole just a few inches down. I carefully removed it and knew by its colour and weight that it was solid gold. I brushed off the soil and sat down in amazement. The rush of adrenaline and the buzz of excitement started to flow through my body. I was holding what appeared to be a heavy solid gold and enamelled figurine.

Historians feared the relic was lost for good when Oliver Cromwell abolished the monarchy in 1649 and beheaded Charles I. Cromwell ordered the 7lb 6oz crown, valued by the then Parliament at £1,100, to be melted down, minted, and sold as coins. But to our amazement, it resurfaced in such a subtle manner.

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