Vintage Fine Jewelry Charms and Rings

There is nothing that evokes romance quite like vintage jewelry charms and rings, and nothing can compare to the sparkle of an antique diamond. Timeless materials, classic style, and unparalleled craftsmanship that comes from items of a bygone era is second to none. In no way does this detract from current fashions or modern iterations that take inspiration from a particular period, but for vintage lovers and collectors, pieces from the past come with a special authenticity that new designs simply don’t possess.

While decades-old coats, handbags, and dresses regularly amount to wardrobe wins, vintage jewelry trends often feel like the greatest treasures. Of late, ’70s-inspired gold, meaningful charms, and whimsical designs of the ’90s and early 21st century are among the most sought after baubles. Jewelry is a significant spend no matter how you shake it, but when shopping for vintage designs, the pressure intensifies. Questions of authenticity, value, and style are important as you want to be sure you’re investing in pieces you’ll wear and love, not merely buying a trend or as collectibles to sit in a box.

The first piece of advice for new vintage collectors is to do your research. Make sure that you’re collecting as much information as you can about a piece before buying it and work with a trusted dealer because there are many fakes floating around. The mark of the designer is what gives the piece its credibility. Without it, it may look like a great piece, but it won’t be the same investment. Iconic designs will help guarantee a piece holds its value as time goes on. With jewelry, as with furniture or fine art, well-known pieces by established names tend to hold best and even increase in value.

Another piece of advice when shopping for vintage jewelry is to take your time. Do not purchase a piece on impulse – consider whether it’s evergreen and something you see yourself wearing for years to come. Online browsing will help you home in on pieces that suit you, though sticking to reputable auction houses and sites specializing in vintage is recommended.

Fine jewelry is meant to last, and the styles created now could be the sought-after vintage pieces of the future. At Lao Pride Inc, we design and manufacture fine jewelry, customized to the desire of our global customers. You may view some of our designs here, or contact us to find out how we can help you be the go-to retailer for stunning, inspirational jewelry.

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