What Matters Most - Carat or Cut of a Diamond?

Carat weight is without doubt one of the key criteria that shoppers consider when buying a diamond. In conjunction with its cut grade, the carat size of a diamond will affect the physical diameter that an observer sees.

So, this begs the question:

Which is more important?

Should you buy a bigger carat diamond or a better cut diamond?

Is striving for more carats better at the expense of cut quality?

Does Carat Weight Matter Most?

Diamond size is measured in carat weight. Small differences in carat weight can sometimes mean price differences of hundreds—even thousands—of dollars, depending on the size and overall diamond quality.

If the appearance of size is important, you can create the illusion of size by picking the right diamond shape. Fancy shapes tend to look bigger for their carat weight, especially elongated shapes such as a ovals, rectangles, and marquise. An engagement ring with a narrow band and a bezel or halo setting can also accentuate a diamond’s size.

If size were the only thing that mattered, you could, theoretically, buy a five-carat diamond for a few dollars. Of course, it would not be gem quality. It would be so heavily included that you couldn’t see through it, and its color might be brown or gray. Its cut quality would be irrelevant, since light doesn’t pass through it at all. The diamond would certainly be big, but friends, family, and your fiancée might be hard pressed to recognize it as diamond.

That’s why it’s important to know that carat weight alone isn’t everything.

Does Diamond Cut Matter Most?

Every diamond quality factor matters to someone. If you’re looking for sparkle and those unmistakable flashes of color and light that telegraph “diamond” across a crowded room, then a diamond’s cut quality is very important.

This diamond quality factor refers to how skillfully the diamond was cut. A diamond’s cut grade represents a range of proportion sets and diamond appearances – all of which combine to deliver the magnificent return of light that’s only possible with a diamond.

So, What Matters Most – Weight or Cut?

In our opinion, cut is more important because it determines the brilliance and overall beauty of the diamond. A smaller, well cut diamond would look visually better than a bigger one that is poorly cut.

Think about it – would you rather have a beautifully cut 0.90 carat diamond that is 6.2mm in size and comes with a lower price tag, or would you rather pay more for a less attractive 1 carat diamond that measures up at the same 6.2mm in physical size? While at the end the choice is yours, it’s always better to have an expert opinion which will bring more value to your money spend.

At Lao Pride Inc, we know you want high quality jewelry that also looks stunning. We use natural diamonds from the highest quality and color while also sourcing lab-grown diamonds to cater to our more environmentally conscious clients. If desired, we add a hint of color to our diamond pieces by mixing natural gemstones, including Ceylon Sapphires, Thai Rubies, and Emeralds.

For over 20 years, the quality and craftsmanship of our products continues to be the primary reason our global customers choose us. Let us provide you with custom designed jewelry that will dazzle your customers and make you the go-to fine jewelry retailer. Contact us today and tell us your design idea.

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