What To Do With Jewelry You Dont Wear

Have you ever thought what to do with jewelry you don’t wear? Whether your jewelry came with a handsome price tag or has a long history or you are not sure if the piece is quite your style, we will show you what to do with jewelry you don’t wear. First, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions.

Have you worn it in the last couple of months?

Deep down, we all know that if you have not worn something in the past couple of months, then you are not likely to wear it again. So why clutter your jewelry box with pieces you don’t wear?

Is it of positive emotional value to you?

Does the jewelry have positive emotional value? The feelings you have toward the piece will play a key part in your decision. Whether it’s your first piece of luxury jewelry, a gift from a loved one, or a piece with wonderful memories attached to it, these are fantastic reasons to hold on to jewelry. Conversely, if the jewelry is weighed down with negative memories, such as a former relationship, then it’s likely for the best if you part with the jewelry and move on.

Is the jewelry suitable for your style?

Perhaps you have undergone a style evolution and those chic earrings that you bought a few years ago no longer feel true to who you are. Or maybe you were gifted something that quite simply was never your style. The bottom line is that if you don’t love a piece, you will not feel comfortable or confident when wearing it and will not wear it. Therefore, it is time to let go.


Do you want the latest version of it?

Next up, consider if you actually just want the latest version of the same thing. Maybe you love the style of your tennis bracelet, but it does not have enough stones, you find yourself wanting it in platinum or diamond studs, or you really would prefer different sized stones. In this case, it is time for a jewelry replacement.

Is the jewelry meant for a special occasion?

Have you been holding onto a piece of jewelry for a long time because you are waiting for a special occasion to wear it? Perhaps the jewelry is best suited for upscale events and weddings, or maybe it’s your lucky charm for making a great first impression when it counts. Whatever the reason may be, if your jewelry has not been worn in a long time but is being saved for specific occasions, hold on to it.

After answering the above questions, you can choose which of the following options suits you best


If you have no affection left for your jewelry, it’s time to part with it. The good news is that you can sell your jewelry for cash to reputable buyers around the globe. This will allow you to clear out your jewelry case and make money in the process.

Replace or Repurpose

If you are looking for something different, replacing your jewelry is a fantastic option or you can repurpose your jewelry with a stone replacement or plating. Whether you are yearning for a more glamorous diamond, specific design, or the latest creation from your favorite designer, Lao Pride Inc. can help you replace your jewelry collection. Have a look at our collection.

Hold on to it

After careful consideration, you have realized that the jewelry in question is worth holding on to. Whether this jewelry is your go-to piece for the holiday season or has positive emotional value, if this jewelry “sparks joy,” take some time to think of ways to incorporate the jewelry back into your wardrobe or what new pieces can complement it.

At Lao Pride Inc, we provide custom-designed fine jewelry for retailers around the world to be able to offer their customers pieces they’ll want to add to their jewelry collection. Simply contact us today to tell us what dazzling jewelry you want to offer your customers, and we’ll make it a reality.


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